Biography and Previous Work Experience

D. "Darteo" Sommese

I was born one cold November morning. I attended College as a theater arts major at age 18. After-school hours were spent as an apprentice at a professional theater in the round. I was involved in all aspects of the professional play production process, from painting sets to walk-on parts. I worked in the mail room for a professional TV broadcasting station, all the while attending acting workshops and subsequent performances that were the result. Shortly afterwards, I became involved in the then emerging independent film production industry in Hollywood in the early 1970's, mostly as a production assistant or assistant director, but I also did work connected with sets, wardrobe, and lighting as well. Later I moved over to major studio production, where I continued to work as a production assistant and what is known in the business as "stand-in", as well as doing small speaking parts in films and TV.

Having had a long and liberal education in the film, I became aware that art was a refinement I wanted to add to my life. As a mature man, and non traditional aged student, I returned to school. In 1989 pursued a fine art studio degree at University, graduating cum laude in December of 1991. Although I was a Fine Arts/ Studio major, I was very actively involved in the video arts program. I spent three quarters as an undergraduate teaching assistant for a studio video class

Hungry to learn more about art and painting I applied to, and was accepted to, a Masters program where I completed my MFA. Along with traditional painting, I took three semesters of instruction with computer paint and photo manipulation programs.

After graduation in December of 1994, I managed to fulfill yet another dream. I spent one year doing a self directed study in painting in Italy. I lived and painted 6 months in Rome and 6 months in Florence.

I am a writer as well as a painter. I have taught painting on a private instruction basis. To date I have sold work to many prominent people connected with the entertainment industry and dignitaries from all over the world now have my work in their homes.

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